In addition to our key focus on technology, we also offer our customers professional translations in the fields of marketing, IT, business and law.

In our collaboration with customers and translators, we have used the Across translation memory as a central database for more than 10 years. As a technical partner of Across and a "Power User" of the application, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and skills over the years and offer our customers who also use Across training and free assistance when they encounter problems.

What JABRO offers its customers:

Punctual translations by a permanent team of specialist translators, all of whom are native speakers – many even engineers or technical experts
Consistent use of the Across translation memory
Cost savings through recycling of previously translated texts from the translation memory
Free Across assistance for JABRO customers
Translations in programs like PowerPoint, InDesign or FrameMaker, maintaining the original layout A complete list of formats that JABRO can process directly is available here.
Use and maintenance of corporate terminology
Import of existing translation memories from applications like Trados, Transit, etc.
JABROS has professional liability insurance.

To us, professional care, service and confidentiality are a matter of course. Our servers and databases fulfil exceptionally high security standards and are thus well equipped for the management of sensitive files.

Additionally, we offer our customers design/layout services and a print service for small and large quantities.

We consider our work as finished only when you as our customer are satisfied with the results.

Please do not hesitate to call us at +49 5241 9020-0. We would also be pleased to visit you personally on your premises.