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Mechanical engineering – successful marketing

Quality is what distinguishes German products and the reason why overseas enquiries are steadily increasing.
Good documentation is the be-all and end-all of successful exports.
Companies that are aware of the situation use experienced, professional writers who are familiar with the subject matter and the company’s mindset.
After all, perfect documentation is a company’s second figurehead
However, translations into the local languages of the countries exported to are often neglected.
The cheapest service provider is often chosen without being sure whether experts are at work.
If the translation is poor, it can lead to complaints, handling errors that result in accidents or faulty spare part orders, resulting in unnecessary costs.
The resulting reputational damage can force a company to its knees.
Many manufacturers use top-notch components for their products, but save on translations because they consider these to be of inferior importance.
A good professional translator can contribute considerably to the successful marketing of a product.
In view of the plethora of translation service providers, it is essential to find an agency that works in a reliable and competent way.
In this context, a certificate from a well-known certification body can serve as a guideline.
Certified translation services providers need to verify the diplomas and qualifications of all their translators.
In Germany alone, there are over 700 translation agencies, but only few can offer qualified certification.
The translation service provider’s reference list is a further guarantee of quality work.
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