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How you can save money on translations of your technical documentation.

More and more companies need to create export documentation, and not only in English. And this documentation must be perfect – after all, it is the company’s calling card.

Buyers need to solicit at least three quotes in order to compare translation prices.
The criterion for the contract award here is typically the cheapest price. Understandable!

  • But how should you approach the task of finding a service provider for technical translations?
  • What are the requirements to be met?

Of course, every company wants to achieve the best purchasing rates, but without compromising on quality.

How to find the right service provider.

The first and most important step is to look for a certified service provider.
This ensures that you are in good hands right from the outset. These offices always work with translation memory tools, large customer-specific databases, which in addition to consistent quality also ensure ‘increasing savings’.

A good translation agency employs only highly qualified translators who specialise in specific areas of technology.
The databases mentioned above help you to save money, because you always re-use the previously translated passages from previous orders in subsequent translations. Customers are not required to pay for this twice, and the sum is deducted from the invoice price.

Although lowest prices are enticing, you should think twice about calling in a different translation agency for each new order. A reputable service provider will use a specific translator for the customer.
Once the translator has familiarised themselves with the company and the specific terminology, they can work faster on subsequent orders, adopt even better to the company mindset and deliver best quality.

There is one thing to bear in mind:
Your technical documentation and the matching translations reflect the quality of your products and Services!

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