About us



We put an end to vanilla arguments and standard promises like “We live service”, “Language is our passion” or “We accompany you through the world”.

Being a technician himself, Janusch Brodnicki, the founder of JABRO GmbH, favours a pragmatic, straightforward approach: To him and his team, facts are what count. For this reason, we work on the orders that we receive from our customers in a focused manner. If we deliver poor results, we lose our customers. Our reference list presents a selection of our regular customers, who have appreciated our services for many years.

JABRO company history – pragmatic and straightforward

Back in the late 1980s, Janusch Brodnicki founded a company that produced car roof boxes. A short while later, the field of operation was expanded to included the production of whirlpools and therapeutic pools that fulfilled all European standards for medical purposes.

In the early 1990s, company founder Brodnicki expanded the offering of JABRO GmbH, adding translation services in Czech, Hungarian and Polish. As the demand increased within a very short time, all Eastern European languages were soon added. After two years, the constantly growing team found itself translating to and from 27 languages.

In 2003, Janusch Brodnicki stopped developing glass fibre products and sold the production rights overseas. Since then, JABRO GmbH & Co. KG has concentrated exclusively on translations and technical consulting in the fields of development and technology.

In 2002, we were the first translation agency to adopt Across, a software platform for language resources and translation processes. In 2008, JABRO was one of the first and is still one of the few translation agencies to obtain EN 15038:2006 certification from TÜV with an excellent rating.
We have been certified according to ISO 17100 since 2016.

Today, we do not only translate technical documentation, but also texts from the fields of marketing, IT, business and law in more than 40 languages. We mainly work for direct customers.

Due to his technical background, Janusch Brodnicki is aware of how dynamically technical language develops in various countries. As a matter of principle, JABRO therefore cooperates with qualified translators who are native speakers and live in the respective countries.

Many of them are technicians and engineers. They do research on site as the need arises and are familiar with all changes in their languages and market developments.

In this way, we guarantee high-quality translations for our customers.